When The Dust Settles…

I’ve officially received the admissions decisions for all three of the schools I applied to for the first round… And *drumroll* – I got into Wharton, Kellogg and Booth! Oh my gosh, I could not be happier!!


Wharton called first, and it was in the middle of my office Christmas Party.  I was actually expecting a call at around 10 PM my time (or around 9 AM EST, when their day starts), but they called at around 7:55 am EST. I had to run out because there was a band playing. Anyway, I must have looked like a mad(wo)man jumping up and down the patio! The admissions officer who handled my admissions interview in Singapore was the same person who called me.

Kellogg called last night, at around 9:30 pm my time (or 7:30 am CST).  I was also not expecting the call that early! I was glued to the GMATClub forums (username ynmbana FYI hehe), and they were expecting the calls to go out at 9am CST as well.  Dean Ziegler was the one who made the call. She had to call twice though, because the first time, the line was really bad and I couldn’t hear a thing. Okay, I was in the process of changing my clothes when I got the call so I actually rushed out of our apartment with my dress unzipped :p I was that excited! And with more great news – Kellogg extended the Forte Fellowship to me! Woosah!

Booth called at around 10:40 pm my time (so that’s 8:40 am CST).  My battery was almost drained, so I had to rush to our room to plug my phone in.  It was the longest of all the admissions calls I received. The AO was definitely chattier, and she told me the things she liked about my presentation (i.e. how I incorporated social media to show different facets of myself), and she also shared things like I would be connected to a current student and an alum, that I should expect a small gift in the mail in the next few weeks, etc.  And she offered me a great fellowship as well!

This is going to be a seriously SERIOUSLY tough decision for me to make – although I like this kind of quandary. I am just amazed and awed at the opportunities I have been given. I will spend the next few weeks researching about the schools (again), making pros and cons lists, consulting with alums and students, and yes, praying for guidance.

PS – thank you to my awesome husband, who was by my side through the whole process, and hugged me after the three admissions phone calls. 🙂 I promise to cook you a great thank you/celebration meal… or, if we’re being realistic, treat you to one!