One Week After TBD

As my title states, it’s been a week since the Wharton TBD.  It went better than I thought it would.  I was super nervous the weeks leading up to the TBD, but I took my own advice, and just prepared (like, really prepared) for it.  I also went to the TBD reception the night before the interview, and it helped take the edge off my nerves because I got to meet 2 out of the 4  other people that would be in my TBD team.

I really enjoyed the TBD more than I thought I would. My group had a nice dynamic going on, and no one really put  people down. So no horror stories like those stubborn types trying to hog all the airtime. There was one guy who tried to do that though, but all in all, I think all my team members contributed well to the discussion. I can see the value in having a TBD, although I am not sure how the assessment will go like if most of the groups were like mine (i.e. generally nice people that were able to get to a consensus easily).  Also, the team agreed to adopt my idea in the end – so that should be a plus for me, right?

I am hoping for good news around 26 days from now. Eep! I will focus on doing R2 apps until then,


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