Preparing for Wharton Interview

humility-helpingThis will just be a short update. I’m scrambling to prepare for my prompt and one-on-one. I know, I know, they said that you only need to prepare for an hour tops for the TBD, but I am not totally comfortable with that.    I like to be prepared!

Anyway, the point of this post is to shout out to all the lovely people who have helped me so far. Wharton folks (and really, all the B-school folks I’ve met in general) are so helpful and genuine! I’m so fortunate that in my company I get to work with a lot of MBAs so I have a lot of resources to consult with.  They connect me to all these great people too that I can just talk to.  Like just this morning, I was able to talk to a current Wharton student (thanks to an intro made by a Wharton alum) and he offered pretty good advice on tackling the interview.  I’m so inspired to pay forward all the help I received. So if anyone wants to ask me anything, I’m available to help 🙂

PS Argh! I’m so nervous! :/


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