Update on Booth Interview

Apparently, not a single alumni is willing to interview me in my home country. Uh.. I swear, I will be an active alumni interviewer for whichever school I will go into.  Anyway, I will have to fly to Singapore this Friday to interview with an alumni. It will be my FIRST time ever to do a day trip to another country that isn’t for business – won’t be bringing any luggage haha.  I already bought my tickets earlier today. Sad that my husband won’t be able to come with me, but it really doesn’t make sense for the both of us to go because I’m only planning to be there just for the interview.  Crossing my fingers that I will get an invite for Wharton – it also means another flight to SG :p

Hope my flying there pays off, though. I was given a choice to either interview in Singapore, or to have a phone conversation with someone from the admissions team.  I was willing to fly out to be able to interview in person – I don’t think a phone interview can be a good substitute for the interview experience. Plus, it’s a chance to show how dedicated I am to getting into Booth. I’ll be interviewing with a someone in the consulting industry. I believe he’s also interviewing with another prospective student that day.

Crossing my fingers! and toes!

On my to-do list: buying a pants suit for the interview :p


And the interviews begin…

I just did my first ever B-school interview last Saturday for Kellogg.  A 2004 alum interviewed me.  We had a lot of things in common – banking experience, same undergrad course in the same university, we even have a common friend, so we had a lot to talk about.  It was actually quite conversational.  We met at a coffeeshop (his suggestion) on a Saturday (also his suggestion). He showed up with the interview handbook (I had to resist sneaking a peek haha).  He mentioned that he had been conducting interviews for the last ten years – basically, ever since he graduated.

The questions were more or less standard:

1. Walk me through your resume, and clarificatory questions for all my job functions and extra-curriculars (this took up a large chunk of the time)

2. Why MBA?

3. Why Kellogg?

2. Proudest achievement?

3. Most challenging experience?

4. Other schools I applied to?

5. What do I do for fun?

6. Any questions for him?

The interview took more than an hour, although after we hit the one hour mark, he said that it was already “off the record”.  I really liked the interview and the interviewer, although he said he doubted the interview had that much weight on the whole application process.  He remembers writing a glowing report for someone who didn’t get in, and he also wrote a “so-so” report for someone who did get in.  He guesses it’s really the essays that pull weight.  In my case, I hope the video essays are a small part of the decision, because mine went disastrously!

And more good news – I got an interview invite from Booth!! *happy dance* I requested for an off-campus interview with an alum, since the nearest interview hub will be Shanghai in early November – not feasible for me because I have to obtain a visa to go to China, and it’s really short notice.  Anyway, the interviews in China are conducted by alumni, so I might as well just have my interview with an alum here in Manila. So on my to-do list is to prepare for that interview!

Crossing my fingers and toes for an interview invite from Wharton! The Friday after next is d-day!!!

3 of 3

I turned in the third round one app yesterday! Great big sigh of relief! Now the waiting game begins… My friend was awesome at helping me edit my essays. PHEW.

I also did the Kellogg video essay.  I got a question I totally did not expect (one of those “feely”, HR interview type questions). Argh.  I only had one chance to take the video as well.  As soon as I heard the question, I knew I WAS NOT going to do well. I hope I’m just over reacting and I get the chance to redeem myself.

Will now disappear in a hole until the end of October.