Popping the submission cherry

So I submitted my Kellogg apps a few hours away from the deadline.  That was stupid of me actually. I found some stuff I could have improved on.  At the same time, I was already obsessing about the tiniest detail, irking my husband to no end.  So I just decided to risk it…. I hope my application package still makes sense.  I was pretty confident about my essays, but then after reading them again, I found them a bit dry and lacking. Oh well, only time will tell.  Next step is to do the video essay

I also literally just submitted my Booth applications.  Good thing I was able to speak with a coworker who was an alum, she was pretty nice about talking to me about the process.  I also made the presentation instead of the essay.  Hope it pays off :p  I am counting down until October 24! Argh.


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